Your Limiting Self Beliefs Are Holding You Back

Your limiting self beliefs are holding you back from the success you desire and deserve. You are enough and you are worthy of the success that desire. It is imperative to believe that in order to achieve your goals and dreams

What are beliefs anyway? Beliefs are just things that we tell ourselves over and over again until they get engrained in our brain. They get into our subconscious minds. Once those beliefs get into our subconscious mind, it becomes our reality. 

Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. It is just knows what we tell it the most and what we concentrate on the most. Some of the things that we tell ourselves are not even true. Sometimes we let our emotions control our thoughts. 

One of the most influential books that I have read is Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. The biggest thing that I learned from that book is that I had to learn how to control my mind or my mind would control me. 

Our minds are naturally bent to the negative side. This is a built in defense mechanism to help keep us safe. It makes us question things. What we say to ourselves has a big effect on our self confidence and personal development.

We are naturally leaning toward the negative side. Filling our heads with more negative things, can cause a lot of problems. Feeling a lack of self confidence will keep recreating more lack of self confidence.

The language that you use when you talk to yourself is very important. If you keep telling yourself that you don't have self confidence, it becomes your reality.

Don't Let Things Others Say Have A Negative Impact On You

Don't let things other people say to you get you down and make you question yourself. You run the risk of believing what they say and making it a reality in your life.

It is like farming, if we plant tomato seeds, we are only going to get tomatoes. When we plant tomato seeds, we get a plant that creates multiple tomatoes with each having multiple seeds. That comes from one seed. 

The seeds you plant in your life reproduce exponentially. Whether they are good or bad. Those seeds can come in the form of actions or thoughts. If you are planting bad seeds or thoughts in your head, you are only going to get exponentially more bad things happening in your life.

Don't plant bad thoughts about yourself because of what somebody else said. You are sabotaging your personal development right from the start. Those seeds will reproduce in your head and it will keep you from the success that you want.

If you keep telling yourself that you are not smart enough, or charismatic enough  you will believe it after awhile. When that happens your subconscious mind will automatically keep you from reaching your goal. This happens so you won't get let down if you fail. 

We can tell ourselves that we want success and are capable of it, but if we don't believe it, we will never succeed. What we believe about ourselves is far more powerful than what we say about ourselves.

Tell Yourself Positive Things During The Day

The things you say about yourself in your mind all day is one of the most crucial things that you do. You can program your mind to believe whatever you want. So you must program it with good things. Concentrating on negative beliefs, creates limiting self beliefs, which will sabotage your success. 

These negative things that you tell yourself can come from things that have happened in your past. It can come from things people have said to you. Things you observed growing up from your parents, family members or even friends can have a negative effect on your reality. You can just assume them to be true because somebody else said something to you. 

It can be a personal thing like somebody commented on your looks and it was hurtful to you. These thoughts could have caused you to grow up believing what was said and assuming it to be true. That was just one person's opinion. They may not have even meant what they said. That person may have just trying to be hurtful to you at that particular moment and they regretted it later. 

They may have said what they said because they were hurt by somebody else. That person may have been going through something that affected them negatively and they lashed out at you. 

Negative Self Beliefs Can Negatively Effect Your Entire Life

I know I let things that people said about me at a young age have a negative effect on me throughout a lot of my life. Later on in life through reading and attending a lot of conferences, I learned what I was doing to myself. 

Through a lot of deep thought and self reflection of my self beliefs helped me understand what I was doing to myself. After going through a lot of pain and depression, I eventually learned what had caused me a lot of problems. The problems were self created by my self beliefs. 

I let things that people said to me in junior high and high school have a negative effect on my self esteem. For a long time I actually believed what they said. It probably had a negative effect on every relationship I ever had. I felt that I wasn't good enough or worthy enough. In my mind, I was always waiting for something bad to happen. My belief was that I wasn't worthy of someone just liking me. 

A breakup in a previous relationship had a negative effect on me for a long time. I couldn't understand why it ended. My feeling was that I had done nothing wrong and treated that person like gold. 

It made me feel like I wasn't enough and that I was worthless. I felt that everything that I did meant nothing to her and I meant nothing to her. 

Later on in life I found out that it had nothing to do me. That person was just very impulsive and made impulsive decisions. By their own admission pushed away everything good in their life and was attracted to bad things. 

I also witnessed them making impulsive decisions in other areas of their life and realized it really had nothing to do with me, they were just being themselves.

Through a lot of thought, I realized that I was not upset and depressed because that person broke up with me. I was upset and depressed because of how I reacted to that person breaking up with me.

My self beliefs that I created in my own head early on in life, become a reality. I thought everything bad of myself. In my mind, I took it as a reality when it was not actually a reality. I assumed that when that relationship ended it was just because I wasn't good enough. I believed the things people had said in the past were true. There were no real answers from the people that were involved. I just assumed the answers on my own.

We tend to be harder on ourselves than other people are on us. It can literally have a negative impact on every area of our lives without even realizing it. 

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It depends on how you choose to use it. If you let the limiting self beliefs that you have, become a reality, it will have a negative impact on every area of your life.

Negative Self Beliefs Can Affect You In Business

I let the low self esteem and self consciousness create negative self beliefs. Those negative self beliefs had a negative impact in sales jobs, in building a mlm and even building my internet marketing business. 

I always lacked confidence in going after sales when I was in real estate and real estate financing. The thing that I always told myself was that I hated sales. It wasn't the sales that I hated. It was the interaction with people and building relationships with people that I hated. It was not because I hated people but I discovered that I hated rejection. I was afraid of getting rejected again! 

It wasn't even that I disliked people, I think I disliked myself. My belief was I wasn't good looking enough. I felt that I wasn't worthy of being liked by other people because of my limiting self beliefs. In my mind, I told myself these things because other people said that about me that earlier in my life. They didn't even say it to me, I overheard it! 

It is not even that I didn't like sales. I would tell myself I didn't like sales. If I didn't go out and try to get sales from people, I couldn't get rejected by them. The rejection is what I had a problem with.

These negative self beliefs had a negative impact on me in building network marketing businesses. I was always self conscious of what people would think of me. My self confidence was lacking and people can tell from a mile away. If you don't have confidence in yourself, others won't have confidence in you. 

People will always accept the value that you place on yourself. Don't tell yourself that you are not worthy of providing people with value and that people wouldn't want to listen to you. If you do, you will be right because that is what you believe. Even if it is not true, if you believe it, your subconscious mind will believe it also. 

Like Henry Ford said "Whether you think you can or you think you can't.... you're right."

95% of your decisions are made through the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will make your self beliefs a self fulfilling prophecy. 

My self conscious mind would prevent me from feeling rejection. I would come up with every excuse in the book why I couldn't go talk to someone or make a video. So I would do nothing. I would not feel rejection but I didn't have any success either. 

How To Change Your Thoughts

A lot of people use positive affirmations to change their thoughts of themselves. I started out that way, by using positive affirmations. Positive affirmations have to be a part of what you do. You can tell yourself all of the positive affirmations that you want but if you don't believe what you are telling yourself, the affirmations will not work right away. 

For example if you tell yourself things like "I am wealthy, I am successful, I am a millionaire" but immediately after you say that, in your mind you say "I wish" or "yeah right", you will negate the positive affirmation immediately. 

You have to condition your mind to accept the affirmations first. What I learned is that I had to say things that eased me into the affirmations I was saying. I had to say things that were believable. I had to first believe that I was making progress toward those affirmations. 

You have to be very careful with the language that you use when talking to yourself and using affirmations. One of the things I started saying when talking to myself and using affirmations was "This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come." This gave me a positive view of the future. I felt that I was making progress to get to my goals and I would get there, it just wouldn't be overnight.

Sometimes you start saying positive affirmations and if you don't see immediate results, we think they don't work. 

You can also say things that your conscious brain will not have any objection to. Instead of saying "I am wealthy" or "I am successful", where your conscious mind could immediately negate it with a negative thought, repeat softly to yourself for 5 minutes or so "Wealth" and "Success". 

This will make your brain think about wealth and success with no objection. Once you start getting that thought into your subconscious mind, it will go to work to create the physical equivalent of what you are focusing on. 

Positive affirmations are not something that you do for a little while. It is something that must become a part of your life. Not just saying the affirmations but becoming and thinking like the person that you want to become. 

Most people think that when they reach the level of success that they want, they will start thinking like successful people do. If it were that easy, everybody would be successful and wealthy. 

You have to start thinking like the person that you want to become and start doing the things that the person you want to become would do....NOW. It is important to do the things that the person you want to become does in order for you to become that person and the success will follow. 

You have to think positively and confidently about yourself now. Accept that you are worthy and have value and are on your way to reaching the level of success that you desire. 

How did I get to that point? 

One of the things that I did was started looking at myself, in the eye in the mirror and telling myself "I am worthy", "I am good enough" and "I am a good person".

It was hard at first and it took a little while to be able to do it but the more I did it, the easier it got. I believed in myself more and more as time went on. As the belief in myself built, my self confidence started improving and my confidence to accomplish my goals increased. 

Saying the affirmations and listening to positive affirmation audios during the day while I am driving was the start. That is a completely necessary part to start. You have to condition your mind that you are working toward your goals and you are making progress every day. 

Another way to build your confidence is when you think to yourself or talk to other people stop saying things like "I am not self confident" or "I lack self confidence" or "I am shy". Instead, start saying things like "Up until recently, I lacked self confidence but now I am more confident and my self is esteem is now very high".

This way you are acknowledging that you had a problem but you overcame it and it is not a problem anymore. 

Be Very Careful With The Words You Choose

In the past I used affirmations like "I can, I will, I will be successful, I will help other people, I will not be denied!" I got that from a mentor in a home business. That is a good start. However, after reading and listening to other people I realized that saying things like "I can and I will" are subconsciously telling myself that I am not successful in those things right now.

I learned that "I am" is one of the most powerful things you can say to yourself both positively and negatively. Whatever you put after the words "I am" can become your reality if you say it enough. If you are putting negative things after "I am" you are setting yourself up to fail. 

I started saying things like "I am worthy, I am enough, I am a good person, I am successful." I also started thinking about things I have been successful at in the past and used that to build my belief in myself. I found a great video on YouTube that I listen to often during the day when I am driving. Click this link: I Am- Powerful Affirmations

This video is just audio and it repeats powerful affirmations with music in the background. It is from You Are Creators, who is a guy named Justin Perry. Justin is an amazing guy and his work has made a big difference in my life. 

Some of my favorite affirmations in this audio recording are: I am infinite, I am boundless, I am immeasurable. I am a magnificent speaker, I am a brilliant communicator, I am a master at speech. I am a wonderful leader, I am walking brilliance, I am charming, I am charismatic, I am a pleasure to be around, I am infinite wisdom. 

Your Past Doesn't Determine Your Future

I have 32 years experience in the trucking business and never went to college. Despite that, I became a licensed real estate agent and a loan officer. Also, I started a commercial funding business. I learned how to successfully trade stocks, options, Forex and crypto currency and do that successfully today. 

I got into real estate and commercial funding before the mortgage crisis of 2008. When that hit, everything I was working on fell apart and I didn't have the experience or proper mindset to navigate it through it. 

However, I still have a love for the business. I have learned a lot in the internet marketing business. Still, I have connections in real estate and the ability to make new ones. With what I have learned in internet marketing. I will get back into the commercial funding business in the future. 

Personal development is all about having the proper mindset and telling yourself the right things. Look for success and positive things in your life that you can build on. Sometimes when we let things get us down mentally, we tend to look at ourselves as complete failures and that is not true. 

Look to your past success in other areas of your life and use that to build positive self beliefs.

As long as you have the knowledge and proper mindset you can succeed in anything that you want to. It doesn't matter what your past it, what your level of education is. The only thing that matters is having the proper mindset and being willing to put in the effort to learn the skills that you need to succeed. 

Our brain can do trillions of calculations per second. It is very powerful and how we use our brain is what makes the difference. We all have that capability, we are all extraordinary people. We were not created for mediocrity, we were created for greatness and to make a difference in the world. 

Start telling yourself "This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come." Think about your goals and dreams and envision the exact life that you want while you are saying your affirmations. Feel the emotions that you will feel when you reach the level of success that you want. Imagine that you have the life, the wealth, the house, the car, the family that you want. Imagine you have it now, feel the emotions of having it now. 

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality. It only knows what you concentrate on the most and it takes it as reality and starts to work to help create the physical equivalent of what you think about. 

Your subconscious mind can be your biggest ally or worst enemy, depending on how you choose to use it. Choose, success, wealth, prosperity and whatever you desire.

You are worthy, you are enough, you are special, you are capable and you are deserving of the wealth, success and life you dream of. Go for it with confidence. This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come. 

To Your Success and Abundance,

Roy Longhitano

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