MLM Lead Generation With Attraction Marketing

MLM Lead Generation with attraction marketing will attract people to you. The old ways that are used repel people from you. Old ways of generating leads are actually repulsion marketing. 

Yes, people have been successful building MLM businesses this way but, the failure rate is very high, The reason for the high failure rate is because you are trying to find a needle in a haystack. You are randomly approaching people trying to find someone who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Everyone Is NOT Your Prospect 

When companies or your upline say things like "everyone is your prospect" or "if they are breathing, they are your prospect", they are setting you up to fail. Everyone is NOT your prospect because everyone doesn't need what you have. That is amateur marketing at best. It is not marketing at all. It is very unprofessional and turns people off.

Most people don't understand what network marketing is. They don't understand how to network or market. You are marketing to a network of people. You have to build a network to market to. If you already have a network, you want to market to them properly so you don't turn them off.

Build Your Network, Then Engage Them, Then Sell To Them

The old way of MLM lead generation is to approach someone and start trying to sell them your product or business opportunity right away. This is a big turn off because people feel like all you care about is how you can make money from them. They are going right to the selling part so, it becomes awkward. Not identifying your audience first and then engaging them before trying to sell to them is awkward. 

If you have been using these techniques, don't worry, it is not your fault. The people who are telling you to use these techniques don't know any better. That is all they know how to do but, that is the not the only way to build a business. 

Brand Yourself, Not The Company Or Products You Represent

You must brand yourself and not the company or the products. When you are leading with your products or business opportunity, it repels people. It hurts your chances of success because people can just go and do a search online.  They can find out everything about the company or product. So, if they see a bad review, they will say no. 

Don't brand the company or products you are involved with. Because, you become the person who is always pitching something. People will automatically try to avoid you because they will just think you are "Product X Guy".  So, they will think you are just going to pitch them that product or opportunity all of the time.

People Want To Know That You Are You Interested In Helping Them

People buy from and join other people. They want a personal relationship with who they buy from or get into business with. Others want to know how much you care and how interested in helping them you are. 

There are plenty of products and business opportunities that do the same things as yours do. It is the personal relationship that will make the difference because people want to know that you care about them. You must provide value and show concern about the person you are talking to. They will be more likely to buy from you because they know you want to help first. 

Times And Technology Have Changed, MLM Lead Generation Strategies Must Change

The days of approaching random people in malls is long over. Inviting people to hotel meetings and home meetings is a thing of the past. Especially in today's times. When this post is being written, we are dealing with social distancing, masks and lockdowns.  So, this makes the old way of prospecting just about obsolete.

There has never been a better time to use social media and the internet for MLM lead generation. But, that does NOT mean to post your links all over the place. It does not mean to spam people's walls, inboxes, instant messages and social media posts. Don't bombard people with links to your products and opportunities because it is awkward.  

Attraction marketing and social media go hand in hand. MLM lead generation with attraction marketing gets people to raise their hands and let you they are interested. It also weeds out the people who are not interested. So, you will be dealing with less rejection. 

Offer Something Of Value First To See If They Are Interested In What You Have To Offer

MLM lead generation with attraction marketing offers value first. It positions you as an expert advisor. You will not be chasing people and trying to convince them that what you have to offer is what they want and need. 

Whenever you chase something, it has a natural tendency to run from you. Offering something of value up front is much easier. It is less stressful and reduces rejection. Offer somebody something of value first. 

Get People To Contact You

If they ask you for more information, they are making the decision to contact you.  They are telling you that they are interested in what you have to offer. If someone is not interested, they will not contact you. This reduces having to deal with rejection and feeling awkward.

How Do You Offer Something Valuable?

There are many things that you can offer that are valuable. Offer free e-books, videos and trainings on different topics. Help them solve a problem they are having. In order to do this you must know your target market. 

Understanding your target market and knowing their biggest problems is crucial. This will help you understand what you can offer them. Understand how to help solve people's problems. Then offer them a solution. 

This puts you in the position of a trusted advisor because they know you understand their issues. It takes you out of the category of the person that is just trying sell something. 

First determine if the person you are talking with can use what you are offering. If you are in meat sales, it doesn't make sense to try to sell your product to vegans. They have no use for your product. It is going to waste a lot of time and effort trying to convince them to buy your product. 

How Do You Attract The People In Your Target Market?

Fortunately there is already an established system. Follow this system to attract the people in your target market. It will get them to reach out to you. It is a proven 7 Step Attraction Marketing System and 3 Actions to focus on daily.

This system has been developed by professional marketers. They knew there had to be a better way of marketing. Most people are not successful with the strategies that are taught in most home businesses. They cause too much stress and rejection and most people don't want to deal with that. 

There is no need to constantly harass your friends and family to join your business or buy your product. This causes people to try to avoid you as soon as they see you. 

There Is Already A Proven System In Place To Help You

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In this E book it lays out the step by step system to follow. There are links to watch short videos. It goes into some marketing mindset so you understand why this system works. 

It details the 7 Step Attraction Marketing System and the 3 Daily Actions to build an audience, engage that audience and then sell to the audience. Most home business companies and reps skip the building and engaging the audience part and go right to the selling when they meet someone. 

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