Overcoming Fears Of Internet Marketing

Do you have the desire to get involved in internet marketing? Are having a hard time overcoming fears? Like fears of putting yourself out there in front of people? 

Do you worry about if people will take you seriously? Do you ask yourself questions like "Why would anybody follow me or listen to me?" Do you worry about what you look like and how you will sound?

If you have felt these things, don't worry, so have I. So has just about every person who has ever marketed online. These are normal fears that a lot of people experience. There are ways to overcome these fears.

Don't Feed Your Mind With False Information

These fears are common but they are usually based on false information that we feed ourselves. We build things up in our heads that are not true and we eventually believe them.

Doing this holds us back from going out and reaching the success levels that we want to reach. Even worse, it prevents us from going out and helping people. It prevents us from finding the people that are looking for us. 

There are people out there looking for a way out of their current situations. They may be stuck in a dead end job. They may be underpaid and are looking for a way to make extra income. 

I have let these fears hold me back. I am so grateful for the people that I learned from. I am so grateful that they overcame their fears and I found them. Because of them overcoming fears, I now have endless opportunities. 

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How To Overcome Our Fears

I learned from others that overcame their fears before me. One of biggest changes that I made was...Taking My Eyes Off Of Myself and Putting Them On Others. 

When you take the focus off of you and your fears and put the focus on other people and how you can help them, it makes overcoming fears much easier. 

Imagine Helping People To Overcome Fears That Are Holding Them Back

Focus on what it would feel like to help others. Imagine helping them to have the same breakthrough that you did. How would it feel to help someone feel those same emotions as you did? Focus on helping them see the vision of what their future can be like, help them build a dream.

Imagine what it would feel like to see somebody else's eyes light up when they realize they can do it. Hear people thanking you for helping them have a vision of what their future can be. Imagine what it would sound like for people to have hope for their future. 

By keeping the focus on helping others, it keeps you focused on their needs and desires. It puts the focus on how you can benefit them and takes the focus off of your fears. The best way to stay focused on others needs and desires is to use attraction marketing. 

Concentrate On The Benefits For Others

When you are worried about things like what your friends, family and co-workers will think, you are thinking about YOU. Your friends, family and co-workers are most likely not going to be looking for your content. Unless they are looking to find whatever you are marketing. If that is the case they will feel comfortable because they already know you.

You should think about who you are trying to help because they will be the ones looking for your content. When people find your content and you help them, that will build your credibility with the people within your niche.

People will appreciate your content if you are providing value to them. Answer their questions and help solve their problems. Overcoming fears they have will be what establishes you as an authority in their eyes. 

You will be viewed as an authority in your niche. This will cause people to want to follow you so they can have the same results as you have had. 

Attraction Marketing Makes Overcoming Fears A Lot Easier

The best way to focus on others is use attraction marketing. This is a marketing strategy that focuses on the needs and desires of others. You provide content that addresses those needs and desires and it attracts people to you. They will reach out to you and request information to help them.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is the opposite of what most marketing is. Most marketing to me is repulsion marketing. It is focused on products and marketing how they are better than the competition with hype. That is a recipe for a lot of rejection and negativity.

That is just going to increase your fears and anxiety. Nobody wants to try to build a business where they know they are going to face constant rejection and have high fear and anxiety levels.

Attraction marketing is learning the needs, desires and fears of your target market. Learn the needs and desires of your target market so you can provide them with solutions to their problems. You can provide them solutions through a free E-Book, video or training. This provides value to somebody up front. 

Providing Value First Positions You As A Trusted Advisor

This will help people let down their guards because they won't feel like you are trying to sell them something. They won't feel like you only care about the sale. When you provide free information you become more like a trusted advisor. 

Once they trust you and you help them find a solution to their problems, they will be more open to you recommending a product that will help them. 

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To Your Success,

Roy Longhitano

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